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Where to go during the day in Visconde de Mauá

Let's go to some tour tips for you to know where to go during the day in Visconde de Mauá with an easy access itinerary to the main trails and waterfalls in Visconde de Mauá.


By the way, Visconde de Mauá is not a difficulty, as there is no lack of outdoor walks with many trails, waterfalls and horseback riding. 

The waterfall of Escorrega is a walk that you have to go in Visconde de Mauá. Besides a beautiful natural pool, the waterfall has a natural toboggan, which was sculpted by nature after a strong storm (water head) in 1966, made a single plate of rock make the river bed, allowing a perfect slide that flows into a deep natural pool of clean and crystalline water.

Group of people riding on a dirt road

One of the best ways to get to know Visconde de Mauá is on horseback, there are several rental points for your ride, among the options we recommend is Rent a Horse, but requires advance booking.

Couple sitting on a stone drinking wine at the edge of the waterfall in an article by Visconde de Mauá

A perfect ride

Turn and move , the waterfall of Escorrega is the stage of filming in documentaries, soap operas and TV commercials. To see the videos of the last stories of Escorrega waterfall shown in Esporte Espetacular and in the program "Go where?

It takes a lot of courage to jump from a 7 meter stone of the Maromba Potion, but you can enter without emotion from the bottom of the waterfall with a beautiful natural pool.

Riverbed and at the bottom the Santa Clara waterfall with its waters flowing on a stone wall

The Santa Clara waterfall is a waterfall with the highest "right foot" in the region of Visconde de Mauá, as high as its beauty. The entrance to the valley of Santa Clara is 400 meters from the village of Maromba.

Alcantilado Waterfalls and Parqu das águas

They are two great attractions that stay in the same valley, the Alcantilado valley, a little far from the village of Maringá (from 4 to 7 km) depending on which tour you are going to take. Both places have to pay to enter and it is a full day tour. For motorcycle lovers, at Parque das Águas, the owner has set up the 2 wheels museum of Brazil, besides many radical activities, such as arborism, cross buoy, rappel and horse riding.

Clean rivers of springs of Itatiaia National Park