Welcome to Visconde de Mauá, an ecological paradise permeated by rivers and waterfalls at the top of the Serra da Mantiqueira. The main access is by Dutra Highway at exit 311, near the border SP with RJ . Explore the First Visconde de Mauá's Tourism Portal and find the ways for you to make your best trip.

Girl sitting on the rock of a waterfall in Visconde de Maua

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Map of Visconde de Mauá in graphic form

Visconde de Mauá does not lack, are walks in the midst of nature for you to venture in a healthy way between trails and waterfalls, which pour from springs within the Itatiaia National Park.

Check out some tips on what to do during the day in Visconde de Mauá, as well as what todo at night.

Man going down the Escorrega waterfall in Visconde de Maua

In this bucolic setting, there is a touch of sophistication, provided by great inns, bars, restaurants and craft shops. The local cuisine stands out with dishes made from local products, such as trout and pine nuts. In addition, the 3 villages of Visconde de Mauá region have restaurants in harmony with the mountain, that is, with fireplace, soups, fondues and environment with fireplace .

Gastronomic promenade of Visconde de Maua with a people walking between restaurants
Pousada in Visconde de Maua with waterfalls passing in front of its balcony

The Pousada Jardim da Águas has the differential of having crystal clear waterfalls in your garden next to the chalets. In addition to the waterfalls and natural pools themselves the inn is in the main water circuit of Visconde de Mauá, and the Escorrega is 100 m from the chalets of the inn.

Simulate and or Reserve in 3x by card in the online central office of the inn, or direct at the inn on the fixed (24) 3387 1631 with Zezinho and (better option) via WhatsApp (24) 99224 3772 with Aline. 

Natural pool of Visconde de Mauá next to the inn

Pousada di Stefano has the differential of having the Escorrega waterfall, Visconde de Mauá's postcard, crossing its backyard. Just down the stairs of the inn to take a dip in nature. Check the chalets with pictures inside and outside and start your adventure in the mountains of Visconde de Mauá.

Book online directly with the hostel or better via WhatsApp at (24) 99255 1330 with Andréia. 


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Couple sitting on the edge of the waterfall in Visconde de Mauá


The Escorrega waterfall in Visconde de Mauá is a "must" and is considered the postcard of the region. Located at the end of the Mauá-Maromba road, despite being the last to arrive, it is the first to receive the clean waters that descend from the Itatiaia National Park.

Girl stretching in the waterfall of Visconde de Mauá

Maromba's pool

It takes a lot of courage to jump from a stone of 7 meters of the Maromba Potion, but you can enter without emotion from the bottom, which has a natural pool of excitement without having to jump from the stone of 7 meters. If jumping from the stone, avoid the jump if it rained heavily.

Riverbed and at the bottom the Santa Clara waterfall with its waters flowing on a stone wall


Santa Clara is the highest waterfall of Visconde de Mauá, which is in the water circuit easily accessible. For being the waterfall with a high stone wall , is the choice of adventurers for extreme sports such as abseiling. For diving without jumping, in an alternative access.


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Church with soccer field in front of the village of Visconde de Mauá on a sunny day

Town of Mauá

The village of Visconde de Mauá is the first to be reached after climbing the mountain. of a sequence of 3 villages has an expressive commercial center with great restaurants, bars with live music and craft shops.

Maringá village at night with people walking

Town of Maringá

Maringa is the village of nightlife is the main commercial center of the region of Visconde de Maua, the highlight is the nightlife that vibrates in this village with many bars, restaurants, shops and emporiums for your night

Square and Church of Vila da Maromba in Visconde de Maua

Vila da Maromba

Vila da Maromba is the last village to be reached among the 3 villages of Visconde de Mauá but the first to receive the waters that flow from the National Park, which provides crystal clear waterfalls, therefore the most sought after.


Curiosities and stories about the Baron of Mauá: Irineu Evangelista de Sousa, successful entrepreneur born in 1813, protagonist for having put Visconde de Mauá on the map, see more on Wikipedia. Or for current news from 220 and 2021 check our Blog

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