What to visit in Visconde de Mauá ?

The best tours and waterfalls in Visconde de Mauá to visit and make the most of and know what to do in Visconde de Mauá during the day

Get to know the main waterfalls of Visconde de Mauá and see why it is worth visiting this paradise set in the Serra da Mantiqueira surrounded by the Itatiaia National Park.

There are more than 100 waterfalls catalogued with natural pools of crystal clear water for you to explore.

Don't miss the Escorrega Waterfall, Poço da Maromba and Véu da Noiva above the village of Maromba, besides the waterfalls in the valley of Santa Clara and Alcantilado

Compulsory Roadmap

The Maromba Potion Waterfall has a beautiful natural pool at the bottom and at the top, you can jump from a rock that has 7 meters of unevenness. A pinch of courage is needed.

Tip: it is always advisable to take a dip at the bottom to check the bottom , the river is alive and changes with the weather . after rains may have a branch, or a stone in its path; prevention is better than cure.

Maromba Potion and its natural pool
Maromba Potion Plate and its natural pool

A dive into nature

If you don't have to jump off the rock, go down the trail to enter the beautiful natural pool without jumping.

By the way, that's what most visitors do.

Natural pool

The Maromba Potion Waterfall is just above the village of Maromba. More specifically 600 meters above the Praça da Maromba, the reference is the waterfall of the slide, since the Maromba Potion is in the middle of the way to the waterfall of Escorrega , easy to reach and enter.

Couple on the riverbed of the Potion of Maromba and its natural pool
Natural clean water swimming pool in Visconde de Mauá

Easy access

If you are staying near the village of Maromba by any chance, the tip is to go for a walk, as at the end of the week the access to the upper part of the village of Maromba will probably be crowded with cars, as the road is narrow and only one car at a time passes and the last thing you will want to be in a traffic jam in the middle of nature.

Natural pools

The Santa Clara Waterfall is another "!must" to visit in Visconde de Mauá. It differs from the others because it has a large stone wall and is the one with the greatest unevenness compared to those of easy access, logically, in this case, sliding would not be good at all.

On the other hand, well equipped and with experienced people, is the waterfall to do a rappel in Visconde de Mauá 

Santa Clara Waterfall, a tall stone wall with crystalline waters
Way to the Santa Clara Waterfall

Nature awaits you

Check out the pictures below that say more than words.

The valley is easily accessible and is known as the birthplace of the waters of Visconde de Mauá.

It has some inns and beautiful trails with no car movement to explore.

Although walking...

The entrance to the Santa Clara valley is 300 m from the village of Maromba and 2.7 km from the village of Maringá.

Besides the Santa Clara waterfall the same valley has 2 truteries the Toca da Raposa waterfall and the Sanctuary, a private farm that charges to enter.

River of Visconde de Mauá adorned by the riparian forest
Waters descending a stone wall , Santa Clara Waterfall

Foot on the trail

The Santa Clara valley is in an area of environmental protection administered by IBAMA and inside Itatiaia National Park, as it is on the other side of Rio Preto, it is inside the state of Minas Gerais, since Visconde de Mauá is right on the border of the states of MG and RJ. The most important is the guarantee of having and interacting with the pure nature, well evidenced by its clean and crystalline waters! Have a nice walk !

Dare to

The Escorrega Waterfall is a natural toboggan, which was sculpted by nature after a strong storm (waterhead) in 1966, made a single plate of rock make the river bed, allowing a perfect slide that flows into a deep natural pool of clean crystal clear water.

Hemne going down the waterfall on a loss ramp
Two women sitting on the waterfall stone in Visconde de Maua

Nature walks

Turn and move , the waterfall of Escorrega is the stage of filming in documentaries, soap operas and TV commercials. To see the videos of the last stories of Escorrega waterfall shown in Esporte Espetacular and in the program "Go where?

It takes more courage than agility to face the contagious challenge, but as you see people facing the challenge, the fear goes away and that's it!

Have a good trip and have a good dive!

Couple inside the waterfall
Girl sitting on the edge of the Escorrega waterfall

Crystal Water

"Let's run away. Someplace else, baby. Let's run away... where there's a toboggan, where we slide. Every day in the morning. Flowers we water. An apple band. Another reggae band. I'm tired of waiting. For you to carry me..." ( Gilberto Gil and Liminha )

Escorrega Waterfall

On weekends there is a handicraft fair. It has a parking lot, two bars, restaurants and two inns . Climbing the waterfall you will find more natural pools.

Couple sunbathing on the stone by the waterfall